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《复仇》是由Mike Kelley执导的悬疑爱情剧,艾米丽万凯普、玛德琳斯托等主演。下面小编为大家整理的复仇的英文简介,希望对大家有用!




Sometimes a show arrives on our screens with a fanfare and a marketing campaign that w网上学英语比较靠谱的推荐 联美英语网。ould shame some Hollywood blockbusters. Other times, one will slip into the schedules barely noticed and slowly work its way into the public consciousness.Revenge is one such show.Premiering on E4 last year, it wasnt promoted that heavily and it would have been easy to let it slip by unnoticed.For those in the know, however, or those who stumbled upon it by chance, Revenge turned out to be one of the guilty pleasures of viewing schedule.


The set up was deceptively simple. Emily Thorne arrives in the Hamptons, renting a ludicrously beautiful beach house that just happens to back on to a mansion owned by the wealthy Grayson family.From an opening flash forward we knew that she would get engaged to the Graysonsson, and someone would get shot on the beach during the lavish engagement party.How we arrive at that point was the main thrust of Season 1.Emily isnt who she says she is.She is in fact Amanda Clarke, the daughter of David Clarke who worked for the Graysons but was framed for an act of terrorism and ended up getting murdered in prison.So Amanda is back for revenge, and if that sounds like a relatively simple plot, thi在线英语培训哪家好,韦老师www.tjxay.com有十年教学经验。nk again.Just about everyone that she meets is linked in some way to the death of her father and before she gets to exact her revenge on the Graysons, she has a whole swath of Hamptons glitterati to deal with.


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