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  My name is, I come from *****. My height is 1.68 meters, facial features are correct, dignified, extremely has the affinity, I hope can become a flight attendant through own efforts, works in the blue sky and white clouds, looks up to the universe cloud rolls the cloud to be able to see the motherland splendid rivers and mountains.

  Flight attendant, has been a simple girl silly dream, beautiful, romantic, with white clouds, blue sky angels, is my understanding of it. Maybe, I am not as beautiful as an angel, but I am a passenger from the bottom of my heart. Passenger is my angel. I will care about other people's feelings, bow down, learn to listen, learn to communicate, learn to serve, learn to smile, learn to enjoy the happiness that flying brings to myself and others.

  I may be young, but I will try, and I hope to get a chance from you to let your dreams fly. I believe that when dreams are given a pair of wings, flying is no longer a desire, I will fly to the distance, across the sea, mountains and clouds blue sky world. I know that the kind of happiness I want is in that higher sky, I want to fly, I want sunshine, I want to fly higher







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